New Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter on Mobile APP

clamp on sensorNew type portable ultrasonic flow meter is developed on the basis of APP on mobile phone by an USA company and related app can be downloaded in APP stores of Android or IOS. This design makes full use of mobile hardware facility and just provide a necessary clamp-on flow sensors. The portable ultrasonic flow meter can be installed on the outside of pipe and sense flow in closed pipe. Then by related APP, your mobile phone can display measurement data with less hassel and in less time. As have no main converter, it features of no wire, no clamps, no bulky electronic box around, then you can do job easily, quickly and lightly.

The APP (name is Orcas) can guide users to input and set and make them know how to set flow meter. The portable ultrasonic flow meters feature as below:

1. Reliable. No moving parts, no maintenance and can work for long-term.

2.User friendly. The App can remember location and the related parameters and you just need to set one time for the same test point.

3.Truly portable. Because with main converter, its full set is lightweirght.

4. High affordable. With related advantages, the ultrasonic flow meter is priced competitively with comparable devices.

From the items above, the portable ultrasonic flow meter is worth to purchase. But as experienced engineer in flow meter industry, i think the key point for flow meters are robust, simple, stable, and accurate. Though mobile phone can install the related APP, but for mobile phone, it is suitable for the key point above,e.g. Android phone is open system which means Android phone has a poor safety management. So Android phone is not reliable. Then Apple phone, though IOS is close operation system, IPHONE doesn’t look so strong.

Thus, whether such portable ultrasonic flow meter will have a prospect, it has no final say, but as technology development, ultrasonic flow meter’s price is always lower and lower. In fact, for such design, it is  not a new thought. In the past, several companies have installed related software in PDA or other intelligent device, then used to replace main electronic converter, but such design didn’t cover much more market yet.



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EU Scientists Develop Early Detection of Ultrasonic Cardio-cerebral-vascular Device

According to statistics of the world health organization,cardio-cerebral vascular disease can kill about 17 million people and heart-attack and stroke are major causes of death,and atherosclerosis is the main cause. The common test method to atherosclerosis is to make test device insert into blood vessel and testing may cause clogging of blood vessels and other deposits.Meanwhile, it has disadvantages of high cost,high risk and big pain. At present, the method is mainly used for blood vessel test around heart, but it will cause much risk for test of brain blood vessel.

In order to reduce the risk of blood test and improve the flexibility and easy-operation, EU scientists are developing a new kind of ultrasonic device to check the illness of myocardial infarction and stroke. From Sep. 2009 to Aug.2014, a SUMMIT project is built by 3.2 million EU dollors from EU IMI. The research team is from Germany, UK,Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Holland,etc. They are from researcher, universities, and some creative small companies,etc. The target of the project is to develop a non-invasive test way, which doesn’t need X-ray, no-needle,no-magnet,etc,but test the illness at the bed by ultrasonic non-invasive technology. The way is similar to that of pregnant women B ultrasonic test.+

This new technology makes clinicians to operation is more convenient, and reduce the patient‘s pain. Currently, this method is much more than more than 100 patients in Europe for clinical effect of validation, and applied for patents.

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Sun-Mar Self-Contained Composting Toilets

Nice features: Sun-Mar’s Bio-Drum design allows tumbling of the composting material. Sun-Mars have a good track record. However, as with all composters, they are happiest when kept warm and dry.

Sun-Mar EXCEL NSF listed

Capacity: Capacity: 6-8 people weekend/vacation use, 3-5 people residential/continuous use

The EXCEL is a self-contained electric model for higher-capacity use. Features a large Bio-drum. Detachable footrest can be removed to pull out the finishing drawer.

Although the Excel can usually evaporate all liquids, a 1/2″ emergency drain is fitted at the rear and this should be connected if heavy use or prolonged power outages are expected.


Width: 22″ Width with handle:26″ Height: 32 “
Height Footrest to Seat: 18″ Footrest Height: 11″ Length: 33″
Electrical: 115 Volts, 2.5 Amps (Max.), 25 Watt Fan, 250 Watt Heater (Approx Average Use 150 Watts) Length With Footrest: 42″ Required Length to Pull Out Drawer: 51″
Vents: 2″ Vent Pipe and Fittings (Supplied with Unit). Drains: emergency safety drain (Optional hook-up).
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