EcoTech Carousel Composting System

All the comfort and convenience you require— with no water, sewer or septic system!

The Carousel Composting System by EcoTech uses the biological process of composting—fast aerobic decomposition by micro-organisms, air and heat—to break down organic wastes. No water or chemicals are required!

Fast-Acting for Superior Performance
The Carousel’s superior composting speed and efficiency are the result of its patented design, which features four rotatable compost chambers. The compost container consists of an outer and an inner rotatable container. The inner container is divided into four chambers, which are perforated in the bottom. Excrement, paper and, if desired, organic kitchen wastes are disposed of into one chamber at a time. Liquid drains into the bottom of the outer container, where warmed air drawn into the container evaporates it. The resulting vacuum assures that no odor escapes into the room. When one chamber is full, the next one is turned into position, assuring that fresh waste does not disrupt the more advanced composting material.
The waste in the first chamber will remain to further compost and is not emptied until the last chamber is filled.

The composting process is then complete, and the resulting odor-free composted material (called “humus”) can be used as a soil conditioner by burying it under 12 inches of soil, or it can be removed by a septage service. Depending on usage,the Carousel is emptied anywhere from twice a year to once every four years. The Carousel reduces waste to 10% of its original volume! Excess liquid is evaporated or it can be drained to a Wastewater Garden™ , reduced-size leachfield or other graywater system. The Carousel is available in two sizes, which can be combined to create larger systems. It can also be installed with micro-flush toilets.

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